Ruby on Rails – Using Tags as Model field

If you have a separate model for a Tag and manage them separately, it is pretty easy to attach those tags to another model via a field “tags_ids”. But, let’s say, you’ve got some SEO-settings for a object. It wouldn’t make much sense to store tags in a separate model for all your other pages.

To store tags as a property of any given object we will utilise PostgreSQL’s ability to have an array as data type. So, first of all, I don’t want to add all SEO-fields to every other object over and over again. Let’s create a separate SEO-model:

Then add the keyword column:

Add references to appropriate other tables:

For front-end editing I’m using bootstrap-tagsinput (here is an example). Install it via yarn add bootstrap-tagsinput(or download files manually). Don’t forget to include JS aswell as CSS files.

On the front-end part it is important to use a select field instead of simple text_field to be able to select multiple tags. Here is my full html code for the seo block:

For the backend part include seo to your corresponding models:

In your controller, whitelist the attributes (important to use keywords: [] to indicate an array) and don’t forget to build┬áthe fields if they aren’t present yet.

Now you can enjoy setting any variable tags and them being persistent in your database. Happy coding!


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